Echeveria mini - mix de specii, de vanzare, la pret imbatabil!

Echeveria mini mix

10,00 lei

Echeveria is a succulent plant, originally from Mexico, with a compact rosette and no stem. Escheveria is part of the Crassulacea family, it is easy to care for and highly appreciated due to its beauty - fleshy leaves, special flowers, red or orange or even bicolor.
Height with pot included 10 cm
Pot diameter 5.5-6 cm

Echeveria care instructions
Humidification: During spring and summer, only one watering per week is necessary, without putting water on the leaves. In the cool seasons, in autumn and winter, it must be watered less and less and with less water, and the pot must be in a place where the temperature does not drop below 7ºC.
Placement: It needs a lot of light, even directly from the sun, but when it burns too strongly it must be taken out of the way of the rays because it can burn.

*The picture is for informational purposes only. When ordering a potted plant, a single variety from a random mix will be sent.
For several pieces ordered, different varieties will be shipped depending on the available stock.

Pot diameter: pot 5.5 cm

pot 5.5 cm