Dischidia ovata 'Watermelon'Dischidia ovata 'Watermelon'
Dischidia ovata 'Watermelon'
Dischidia obovata 'Watermelon'

Dischidia ovata 'Watermelon'

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Stage:: without flowers (10cm pots)

without flowers (10cm pots)
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Dischidia is a rare, exotic plant, but easy to grow as an apartment plant.
Most varieties of dischidia have interesting leaves that can be fluffy or fleshy and good for retaining water during periods of drought. The smaller varieties are excellent houseplants for terrariums.
Dischidia produces flowers, usually during the warm months.
Location: filtered light
Watering: water when the surface of the soil starts to dry. The plant is quite drought tolerant.

Note: Each copy is unique. The density and length of the lianas vary depending on the season.