Dischidia hirsuta
Dischidia hirsuta
Dischidia hirsuta

Dischidia hirsute

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Stage:: without flowers (pot 10.5 cm)

without flowers (pot 10.5 cm)
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Dischidia hirsuta - rare botanical species that grows in the tropical forests of Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. The plant shows morphological variations, depending on the habitat.

Dischidia hirsuta c remains very well both mounted, in which case frequent irrigation is necessary, and planted in pots or baskets. If it is grown in an environment with high humidity, the roots that appear at each node are easily fixed on any support.

The plant has very interesting, fuzzy, structured leaves, which change their appearance dramatically when grown in strong light, becoming dark purple, almost black.

Although the flowers are generally considered insignificant, collectors will enjoy their interesting appearance. The plant can bloom in any season, as long as it has good light. The flowers are usually deep purple or pink, but they can also have variations in shades of yellow/orange.
Location: filtered light, tolerates direct sun for several hours daily
Watering: water when the substrate is almost dry. The plant tolerates some periods of drought well.

Pot diameter: 10.5 cm. The length of the lianas is variable.

It is sold without the decorative bowl.