Darlingtonia californica - planta carnivora
Darlingtonia californica - planta carnivora

Darlingtonia californica - carnivorous plant

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Darlingtonia californica has green, long, tubular leaves that end in a trap-like structure reminiscent of the head and neck of a cobra. The leaves are modified to attract, trap and digest insects, helping the plant to survive in nutrient-poor soils. The flowers, which appear in spring, are greenish-yellow or reddish in color and stand on long stems, separated from the carnivorous leaves.


  • Light : Prefers bright but filtered light or semi-shade. Strong direct light can burn the leaves, especially in areas with hot summers.

  • Watering : It is essential to use only rainwater, distilled water or reverse osmosis water, as the plant is sensitive to minerals in tap water. The soil should be kept constantly moist, but not soaked.

  • Temperature : Darlingtonia californica prefers cooler temperatures.

  • Humidity : It requires high humidity, similar to its natural habitat. Increasing the humidity with a humidifier or placing the plant in a tray of gravel and water can help.

  • Soil : Acidic, nutrient-poor soil is ideal.

  • Fertilization : Avoid fertilizing, as the plant gets the nutrients it needs from catching insects.

  • Transplanting : Transplant only if absolutely necessary, as the plant does not like its roots to be disturbed. Use a soil similar to that described above and handle the plant with care.

Height with pots included: 10 cm
Pot diameter 8.5 cm
The decorative bowl is not included in the price.