Croton - Codiaeum variegatum 'Sunny Star'

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Pot diameter: pot 8 cm

pot 8 cm
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Codiaeum variegatum 'Sunny Star' is a tropical plant, native to Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. This variety has lance-shaped leaves and wavy edges, with shades of yellow, green and orange.

To care for the Codiaeum variegatum 'Sunny Star' plant, follow these steps:

Light : The plant prefers bright places, but away from direct sunlight. It is recommended to place it in front of a window facing east or west. If you cannot provide such a location, you can also use artificial light, but make sure that the light is strong and long-lasting, at least 12-14 hours a day.

Temperature : The plant prefers warm temperatures, between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. Temperatures below 15 degrees Celsius can affect the plant, so avoid placing it in places with air currents or low temperatures. It is important to avoid sudden temperature fluctuations.

Humidity : The plant prefers a high humidity, between 50% and 80%. If the air in the location is dry, you can use a humidifier or spray water around the plant. Make sure that the leaves are clean, to avoid the appearance of diseases or pests.

Watering : The plant needs regular watering, but make sure that the soil dries easily between waterings. In general, watering once or twice a week is enough, but you must adapt the frequency according to the conditions offered. Do not water too much, as this can damage the roots and cause rotting.

Soil : The plant prefers a soil rich in nutrients, well drained and slightly acidic. It is recommended to use a mixture of flower soil, peat and perlite, or any other suitable substrate for tropical plants. It is important that the vessel has drainage holes, to avoid excess water.

Fertilizers : The plant needs regular fertilization in order to develop beautifully. It is recommended to use a balanced liquid fertilizer, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and to respect the dose indicated on the package. In general, it is enough to fertilize once a month, during the active growth season.

The shade of the leaves varies depending on the environmental conditions.
Height with pots included: approx. 20-30 cm
The decorative bowl is not included in the price.