Crossandra infundibuliformis ('Fireworks' Flower)

19,00 lei

Crossandra is a shrub that in room conditions can reach 40-60 cm. The beautifully colored red-orange flowers give the plant an attractive note.

Crossandra care instructions
Location: bright but shaded place
Moisture: water moderately
Substrate: peat compost mixed with sand in equal parts, well drained
Propagation: by cuttings and seeds
Characteristics: It is very sensitive to excessive humidity and that is why it does not tolerate spraying or sprinkling the leaves with water. In winter, the temperature should not drop below 15 degrees.
Height with pots included 15 cm
Pot diameter 7 cm

The flowers are thermosensitive and may be lost during transport or until the order is shipped, but the plant reblooms easily.

The decorative ceramic bowl is not included in the price.

Pot diameter: pot 7 cm

pot 7 cm