Crin - Clivia miniata
Crin - Clivia miniata

Lily - Mini Clivia

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Originally from the subtropical climate regions of South Africa, Clivia Miniata is one of the most popular house lilies.
Clivia was introduced to England in 1852 and bears the name of the Duchess of Northumberland, Lady Charlotte-Florentine-Clive, governess of Queen Victoria.
Care instructions Crin - Clivia
Appearance: - plant with bulbs; - trumpet-shaped flowers, white, pink, orange, single-colored or variegated; - 40-60 cm long leaves.
Care: - prefer bright places and dry air; - the bulb is left in the ground after the flowers have dried, in a cool place Diseases, pests: - fungi; - underground spiders and shield lice.
Pot diameter 13 cm
Height with pot included 40 cm

Note: it shows color variations, depending on the growing conditions.

Stage:: without flowers

without flowers
with flowers/stem/buds