Citrus limon 'Rosso' - Red Lemon
Citrus limon 'Rosso' - Red Lemon

Citrus limon 'Rosso' - Red Lemon

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Citrus limon 'Rosso' or Red Lemon, is an amazing variety of lemon that brings a touch of color and exoticism to any garden or interior space. The fruits of this plant stand out for their distinctive red peel, a rarity in the citrus world. This is not only a visual delicacy, but also adds an element of surprise and originality to the culinary preparations.

Exceptional Aroma and Taste. In addition to its vibrant appearance, the Rosso lemon offers an intense aroma and a rich taste, balanced between sweet and sour. Its juicy pulp, with shades of red and pink, is perfect for adding a touch of freshness to salads, drinks and desserts.

The flowers are strongly scented , colored in shades of purple. The plant blooms and bears fruit throughout the year under conditions of optimal care. The leaves are shiny and fragrant.

Height with pots included: approx. 60-80 cm
Pot diameter: 21 cm
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