Lamai pe picior - Citrus lemon '4 Seasons'
Citrus lemon '4 Seasons' ('Garey's Eureka')

Lemon on the leg - Citrus lemon '4 Seasons' ('Garey's Eureka') H60 cm

265,00 lei

No fruit: with 2+ fruits

with 2+ fruits
Full description and specifications

Citrus lemon '4 Seasons' ('Garey's Eureka') - remarkable cultivar, self-fertile and with abundant production. The plant comes into fruit early, and the fruiting is abundant, above average. It has shiny, dark green leaves, rarely thorny stems and smooth, bright yellow fruits, with an exceptional taste.

This particular cultivar is distinguished by its ability to produce flowers continuously from spring to autumn, thus allowing the simultaneous presence of flowers, young unripe fruits and lemons ready for picking on the same plant. Being one of the most resistant varieties of lemon, it can be grown on a sunny terrace during the summer, but requires indoor shelter or an unheated greenhouse to survive the winter.

Note: The fruits are in various stages of development and there is a possibility of falling during handling/transportation.

Height with pots included: approx. 60 cm
Pot diameter: 19 cm
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