Citrus Kumquat Onika - edible fruit (Citrine)

95,00 lei

Stage: With fruit

With fruit
Full description and specifications

Onika is a member of the kumquat family. Onika is a citrus fruit with long, lush leaves and the fruit looks a lot like a small orange. The Onika kumquat produces fruit starting in September. Like the other varieties of kumquat, the fruits can be eaten whole, without the peel or whole. The reason for this is that, although the flesh of the fruit is very sour, the skin is surprisingly sweet. Already becoming a delicacy, kumquat is a fashionable ingredient in contemporary cuisine. Now it's a "welcome" gift for the house.
Width with pots included: 20-25 cm
Pot diameter: 14 cm
Producer: Citrina

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Note: All the citrus fruits that we sell are edible as a species (that is, they produce fruits that can be consumed), with the mention that some producers (such as Citrina) obtain additional certifications of culture for "edible fruits" consumption.

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.