Citrus microcarpa - Calamondin (Calamasi)
Citrus microcarpa - Calamondin (Calamasi)
Citrus microcarpa - Calamondin (Calamasi)

Citrus microcarpa - Calamondin (Calamasi) on stem H70 cm

275,00 lei

No fruit: with fruit

with fruit
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Citrus X microcarpa - hybrid of Philippine origin, naturalized in Southeast Asia, China and Taiwan. It is a variety with better cold resistance (compared to other citrus fruits) and multiple fruiting every year, with a naturally round crown that requires minimal maintenance.

In the Asian area, the plant has an important commercial value, being used intensively in gastronomic preparations, spices and drinks or marmalades.

Details about the fruit: sweet peel, sour-acidic-aromatic pulp, high seed content. It is generally consumed prepared. Rich in vitamin C content.

The fruit can be frozen to be used later in cocktails, teas, etc. The strongly acidic juice can be used to marinate meat. Depending on the purpose, the fruits can be harvested green or ripe.

Common names: Calamondin, Philippine lime, Calamasi, Philippine lemon, Citrus mitis
Height with pots included: approx. 70cm
Pot diameter: 20 cm

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