Citrus australasica (Caviar Lime, Finger Lime)
Citrus australasica (Caviar Lime, Finger Lime)
Citrus australasica

Caviar lime - Citrus australasica (Caviar Lime, Finger Lime) - young specimens

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Stage: young plant - 12cm pot

young plant - 12cm pot
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Citrus australasica - endemic botanical species from Australia, also known as Caviar Lime or Finger Lime.

The plant is presented in the form of a tepos shrub, very decorative with its white-pink, strongly scented flowers.

The fruits are extremely appreciated and have a high commercial value, being increasingly used for gourmet dishes. The content of the fruit consists of vesicles very similar to caviar in appearance, hence the name "Caviar Lime". When the blisters are eaten fresh, they have the effect of an explosion of effervescent acidic flavor as they are chewed. The juice is acidic, similar to that of a lime.

The fruits are also used to prepare marmalades, lemonades or even pickles. The dry bark is used as a condiment, due to its strong aroma.

Other commercial or popular names: Lime Caviar, Caviar Lime, Finger Lime, Lemon Caviar, Citrus Caviar

Height with pots included: approx. 20-25 cm
Pot diameter: 12 cm
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