Chlorophytum Ocean (babyplant) - planta paianjan

Chlorophytum Ocean (babyplant) - spider plant

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Pot diameter: pot 7 cm

pot 7 cm
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Chlorophytum Ocean, also popularly called the Spider Plant, the Green Lily or the Bride's Veil, is a decorative apartment plant, originally from Africa, which does not require special attention, is easy to care for and, in addition, purifies the air.
NASA places Chlorophytum comosum among the top 3 types of houseplants that are excellent at removing formaldehyde. It also removes carbon monoxide and other toxins or impurities.
Chlorophytum care instructions:
Light: Bright place, away from direct sunlight, because it can burn the leaves
Water: Keep the soil slightly moist.
Humidity: Moderate indoor humidity. If the leaves turn brown raise the humidity around it.
Temperature: The average temperature of 18-24 ° C suits this tropical plant perfectly. He doesn't like the cold; do not expose it below 10 °C.
Height with pot included 12 cm