Cattleya labiata var. alba
Cattleya labiata var. alba

Cattleya labiata var. white - fragrant

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Stage:: without flowers (pots 2.5 inch ~ 9cm)

without flowers (pots 2.5 inch ~ 9cm)
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Cattleya labiata var. alba - botanical species that can be found in Venezuela and in the states of Maranhao, Piaui, Ceara, Pernambuco and Alagoas in Brazil. The plant has stick-shaped pseudobulbs, slightly compressed, which are accompanied by several greenish sheaths, with a thin texture. Each pseudobulb bears a single apical leaf, oblong, obtuse and coriaceous. The flowers appear more frequently in autumn and at the beginning of winter, on a short inflorescence that includes between 2 and 5 flowers.

The flowers are very large, impressive, and have a spicy, strong, aromatic scent, reminiscent of cloves.
Flower size: up to 17.5 cm!!
Fragrant flowers: Yes

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