Callistemon laevis

Callistemon laevis (Callistemon citrinus 'Splendens')

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Callistemon laevis, also known as Callistemon citrinus or popularly "red glass brush", is a shrub or small tree belonging to the Myrtaceae family, originally from Australia. It is appreciated in gardens for its spectacular flowers, which appear in spring and summer, attracting pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

The plant has an erect growth and can reach heights of 3-4 meters, sometimes even more, depending on the environmental conditions. The leaves are lanceolate, dark green, with a slightly leathery texture and have a citrus aroma when crushed, due to the presence of essential oils. The edges of the leaves can be whole or slightly jagged.

The flowers are characteristic of the genus Callistemon, having the shape of a "glass brush". They are composed of numerous long, intense red stamens, which emerge from a central axis, giving them the appearance of a cylindrical brush or fuzee. The flowers form at the tips of the branches, making the plant particularly attractive during the flowering period.

Callistemon laevis prefers sunny or partially shaded places and well-drained soils, but it is quite adaptable to different types of soil. It is considered a drought-resistant plant once established and requires moderate watering. It can withstand low temperatures down to about -10°C, but flowers and young leaves can be affected by late or severe frosts.

Cold resistance: -10°C.

Height with pots included: approx. 40-60 cm (varies depending on the season)
Pot diameter: 17 cm

In the cold season, the plants are cut/shortened in order to branch. The price is valid for a plant with or without flowers.