Comanda Calathea roseopicta Little Princess, pret atractiv, livrare rapida!

Calathea Roseapicta Surprise Star

49,00 lei

Calathea roseopicta Little Princess is a decorative plant, with a bush appearance, that keeps a rich vegetation all year round.

Calathea is also special for another reason: its leaves close at night and open again in the morning! This is the reason why Calathea is also called "living plant". The plant owes this ability to a small "joint" between the leaves and the stem. The light moves the joints and, as a result, the leaves of the Calathea open and close - sometimes accompanied by a rustling sound.
Placement: shaded space, with indirect light.
Optimum temperature: 16 -27 degrees Celsius

Note: Calathea is a sensitive plant to temperature differences. Therefore, it is possible to receive these plants with some defects on the leaves, but these do not affect the viability of the plant.

Height with pots included 45-55 cm.
Pot diameter 14 cm

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.