Full description and specifications

Calathea is a tropical plant, particularly decorative, with colorful and varied foliage, native to South America.
Calathea is a plant that purifies the air, contributing to a better and healthier indoor climate.
Calathea is also special for another reason: its leaves close at night and open again in the morning! This is the reason why Calathea is also called "living plant". The plant owes this ability to a small "joint" between the leaves and the stem. The light moves the joints and, as a result, the leaves of the Calathea open and close - sometimes accompanied by a rustling sound.
Calathea care instructions
Placement: shaded space, with indirect light.
Humidity: constantly water in small quantities, spray on the leaves.
Optimum temperature: 16 -27 degrees Celsius

Height with pots included 30-40 cm
Pot diameter 12 cm

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.