Picea pungens 'Super Blue'
Picea pungens 'Super Blue'
Picea pungens 'Super Blue'

Potted silver fir - Picea pungens 'Super Blue' 105-115 cm

275,00 lei
Full description and specifications

Picea pungens 'Super Blue' is an extremely spectacular conifer all year round, easy to adapt to any location. Specialists use it more and more in the arrangement of gardens and parks, and people who used to buy classic "firs" adore it because of its unique characteristics.
Its crown is thick, with a rather conical shape, relatively compact and upward growth, small and dense leaves, silver-blue color.

Indoor storage conditions:
This fir tree is an outdoor plant, but it can also be kept indoors during the holidays, provided it is placed in a cool area (e.g. a closed/open balcony), well ventilated and watered when the substrate is dry. It does NOT tolerate high temperatures well.
Height with pots included: 105-115 cm
Pot diameter: 27 cm
Each copy is unique and has a slightly different shape.

Note: The transport pot can be damaged/cracked due to the weight of the substrate and the plant.

For Bucharest, we recommend choosing the delivery option with a driver.