Aucuba japonica variegata (Pomul de aur)
Aucuba japonica variegata (Pomul de aur)

Aucuba japonica variegata (Golden tree)

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Pot diameter: pot 13 cm

pot 13 cm
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Aucuba japonica variegata, popularly called the Golden Tree, is a Japanese shrub valued for its ability to tolerate shade and dry soils.
Perfect for partially shaded areas of the garden, their spectacular leaves become more variegated in the shade. It can be cultivated as a hedge. Aucuba japonica variegata is an evergreen shrub that, if not cut, reaches a height of 3m.
Care instructions:
Location: in a partially shaded area or in the shade
Soil: Thrives in most soils, including dry land near fences and trees. Avoid wet soils.
Temperatures: it can tolerate temperatures up to -12 degrees Celsius.
Height with pots included: approx. 20-30 cm

Note: The level of variegation differs from one specimen to another.