ATONIK stimulator de crestere foliara, fertilizant orhidee, pret

ATONIK - leaf and root growth stimulator

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Weight: 100 ml

100 ml
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ATONIK is a foliar growth stimulator, which stimulates rooting and can generate more spectacular or richer productions/blooms.
The application is done by spraying on the leaves or by diluting in the watering water - this way the preparation is quickly absorbed into the plant tissues.
This product gave very good results in the treatment of orchids and other exotic plants.
Features and mode of action Atonik
Atonik is a biostimulator, which positively influences most of the vital processes in plants, such as:
- increasing the assimilation surface,
- increasing the total chlorophyll content and the intensity of the photosynthesis process,
- increasing the content of plant hormones, lignin, proteins, carbohydrates and mineral elements,
- increase in enzyme activity,
- amplification of cytoplasmic movement, etc.
Application of the product positively influences:
- the generative growth of plants (stimulation of flower fertility, by increasing the percentage of fertile pollen grains and by lengthening the pollen tube)
- increasing biomass accumulation.
Atonik has the highest percentage of stimulation of nitrate-reductase activity, a very important enzyme for the availability/use of nitrogen by plants. Nitrate-reductase catalyzes the reduction of nitrates to nitrites, this chemical reaction being particularly important for the production of proteins in plants. After applying the product, its active substances immediately and very easily enter the plant cells, being quickly metabolized into compounds that occur naturally in plants and perform similar functions.

For orchids and other exotic plants, we recommend a dilution of 1ml per 1l of water.