Anthurium mov Zizou la ghiveci , acum disponibil in mgazin si online

Anthurium Zizou

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Anthurium Zizou - an abundance of purple flowers with an unusual shape, which give the plant a very lush appearance. Anthurium Zizou is a special variety, which you probably wouldn't recognize at first sight as an Anthurium.
Anthurium Zizou is different in a positive way because of the shape of its purple-lilac, vertical flowers, which are really adorable. This is a must-have variety.
This variety of Anthurium is full of flowers, even in a small pot, Zizou easily produces 8-10 flowers.
It is a perennial plant growing in the form of a bush, originally from the forests of Colombia (equatorial climate).
Anthurium care instructions
Location: bright but shaded place
Humidity: constant
Substrate: peat or a loose mixture

Height with pots included: 20-25 cm

Stage:: with flowers/stalks/buds (pot 9 cm)

with flowers/stalks/buds (pot 9 cm)
with flowers/stalks/buds (pot 7 cm)