Anthurium Scherzerianum verde, specii deosebite de Anthurium, pret atractiv

Green Anthurium Scherzerianum Amaretti

25,00 lei

Anthurium Scherzerianum (or Pig-Tail Anthurium) are a special species of anthurium that produces red, orange, green, white, cream or pink flowers. What differentiates them from Andraeanum is their spadix. The care of Anthurium Scherzerianum is not very different from that of Andraeanum.
The main difference between the 2 species is that Scherzerianum is a little better adapted as a houseplant, so they are actually a little easier to care for.
Height with pots included 15 cm
Pot diameter 6 cm
Note: This variety may help you with damaged flowers or no flowers.

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.

Pot diameter: pot 6 cm

pot 6 cm