Anthurium Orange Champion
Anthurium Orange Champion

Anthurium Orange Champion

45,00 lei

Stage: flowers/stalks/buds (pots 9 cm)

flowers/stalks/buds (pots 9 cm)
with flowers (pot 14 cm)
without flowers (pot 14 cm)
Full description and specifications

Anthurium Orange Champion- The Flamingo flower conquers with its special flowers, shaped like fleshy backs.
These waxy flowers symbolize hospitality. The reason for this meaning is the way the flowers seem to be wide open. This makes the anthurium a wonderful gift for any home.
It is a perennial plant growing in the form of a bush, originally from the forests of Colombia (equatorial climate).
Location: bright but shaded place
Humidity: constant
Substrate: peat or a loose mixture
Propagation: autumn, by dividing the bush
It blooms all year round, so it must be fertilized once a week from spring to late autumn.
Height with pots included: approx. 25-30 cm