Anthurium Fantasy Love, Floarea Flamingo la cel mai bun pret, cu livrare rapida!

Anthurium Fantasy Love

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The Arum plant family includes over 1000 species of plants called anthurium. They vary in size, shape and color, but are similar in appearance and use. The anthurium flower produces heart-shaped inflorescences that range in color from green or white to shades of pink and bright red.
This tropical plant adapts to almost any environment and produces new flowers throughout the year.
With their open, heart-shaped flowers and tropical disposition, it's no wonder the anthurium has come to symbolize hospitality. But it also has other meanings, such as: happiness and abundance.
Pot diameter 17 cm
Height with pot included 55-60 cm It is a perennial plant with bush-like growth, originating in the forests of Colombia (equatorial climate).
Anthurium care instructions in pots:
Location: bright but shaded place
Humidity: constant, must be sprayed on the leaves
Substrate: peat or a loose mixture
Propagation: autumn, by division of the bush
Characteristics: The bract type flowers have a long life, especially in the conditions of a cool space. Plants with fewer pups bloom more abundantly. It blooms all year round, so it must be fertilized once/week from spring to late autumn.