Anthurium Baby Purple

49,00 lei

Stage:: with flowers/stalks/buds (pots 12 cm)

with flowers/stalks/buds (pots 12 cm)
without flowers (pot 12 cm)
Full description and specifications
Anthurium Baby Purple is a tropical plant that adapts to almost any environment and produces flowers throughout the year.
If the anthurium gets enough light, it can bloom all year round. In addition, this plant is particularly effective in removing harmful chemicals such as ammonia and formaldehyde.
Location: bright place, but protected from direct sunlight
Humidity: constant, it must be sprayed on the leaves
Substrate: turf or a loose mixture
Characteristics: The bract type flowers have a long life, especially in the conditions of a cool space. Plants with fewer pups bloom more abundantly. It blooms all year round, so it must be fertilized once/week from spring to late autumn.
Height with pots included: 30-40 cm