Amydrium Zippelianum (Amydrium magnificum) D12

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Pot diameter: pot 12 cm

pot 12 cm
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Amydrium Zippelianum - rare botanical species, endemic to Malaysia and New Guinea.

The plant stands out for its fascinating foliage, but also for its growing style. The stem is relatively thin and develops quickly, and at maturity the leaves reach impressive sizes.

Amydrium Zippelianum tends to produce aerial roots at each node, even in low humidity conditions, which makes it very easy to propagate by stem cutting.

Synonyms: Amydrium magnificum, Epipremnopsis magnifica, Epipremnopsis zippeliana, Epipremnum asperatum, Epipremnum elmerianum, Epipremnum luzonense, Epipremnum magnificum, Epipremnum mampuanum, Epipremnum miniatum, Epipremnum philippinense, Epipremnum sorsogonense, Epipremnum zippelianum, Pothos miniatus, Rhaphidophora warburgii, Rhaphidophora zippeliana.

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