Amydrium medium 'Silver Spiderman' (Spiderman Monstera Silver) D10
Amydrium medium 'Silver Spiderman' (Spiderman Monstera Silver)

Amydrium medium 'Silver Spiderman' (Spiderman Monstera Silver) D10

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Stage:: pot 10 cm

pot 10 cm
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Amydrium medium 'Silver Spiderman' - rare species from the Araceae family, endemic to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.
The plant stands out for its impressive foliage - the leaves are colored in interesting shades of green-silver with blue reflections and have prominent veins that segment them, giving a spider web appearance. As they mature, the leaves develop spectacular fenestrations and change color.
The growth is vigorous, and the plant uses its aerial roots to climb any support.
Amydrium medium shows a very high variability of the leaves, depending on the origin - botanists report significant morphological variations even in the case of neighboring colonies (in situ). At this moment there are many clones in circulation.
Other known popular or commercial names: Monstera spiderman, Amydrium silver, Spiderman Monstera, Crocodile Monstera.

Specimens may have leaves with defects due to international handling/transport.
Height with pots included: approx. 20-25 cm