Planta Aloe Vera mare in ghiveci, de vanzare, la cel mai bun pret cu livrare!

Aloe Vera Barbadensis XL (age 7-8 years) - healing plant

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Aloe Vera Barbadensis - miracle plant, which needs minimal care, strong sun, very little water - but rewards you with countless benefits. In addition to the miraculous effects from a medical point of view, the Aloe Vera plant absorbs radiation and purifies the air in the room.
Aloe Vera is also called medicinal plant or healing plant, due to its qualities.
Careful! The plant is not certified for consumption/internal use.
Aloe Vera care instructions
Placement: The plant needs as much sun as possible, throughout the warm season - this way it will stock up on nutrients and last well through the winter.
Humidity: Water very little, when the soil is completely dry. Excess moisture irremediably affects the roots of the plant.
Propagation: The plant periodically makes pups, which will be carefully separated from the mother plant, so as not to damage its roots.
Substrate: Use only special soil for cacti, available in florists - the plant needs a sandy, well-drained soil.
The height is always measured with pots.

It presents leaves with defects.

Read more about the care and identification of Aloe vera plants on the Blog.

Pot diameter: pot 19 cm

pot 19 cm
pot 24 cm