Aloe Haworthia mix de specii, pret atractiv, livrare rapida

Aloe Haworthia - mix of species

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Full description and specifications

Haworthia is a small cactus, 2-10 centimeters in diameter, forming solitary rosettes around a tiny stem or bush. In some species, the leaves are dark green, covered with pustules or with small rough protuberances (Haworthia fasciata), in others they are light green, with white or translucent dots (Haworthia cymbiformis)
Height with pot included 10 cm
A variety of haworthia from the mix will be shipped randomly. Haworthia care instructions:
Light and temperature: Strong light, no direct sun. Its lack leads to the loss of the rosette shape. In the case of exposure to the sun, the leaves become reddish. The minimum temperature is about 8-10 degrees C, it can survive for a short time even at lower temperatures. Leaves and flowers: Very varied in shape, elongated and pointed, triangular and thick, like a shell or resembling some stones. Strongly nested in rosettes, on short stems or arranged in sleeves on long stems. The leaves are firm, dark green, up to semi-translucent, with or without white asperities. The flowers are similar in all species, small white with a pink tint, arranged on a 10-40 cm long axis. Soil: Cacti soil with an additional mixture of sand and gravel because they have fleshy roots prone to rotting in the case of soil with excess moisture. Watering From the end of March to October, water regularly, on average once a week, waiting for the soil to dry between waterings. In the cold season from October to March, water is administered in reduced quantities, 2-3 times, depending on the temperatures where it winters. Excessive watering causes blackening and softening of the leaves, often leading to rotting of the roots and loss of the plant.