Alocasia sinuata
Alocasia sinuata

Alocasia sinuata (Quilted Dreams Alocasia)

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Pot diameter: pots 2.5 inch ~ 9cm

pots 2.5 inch ~ 9cm
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Full description and specifications
Alocasia sinuata is a tropical plant with large, wavy, dark green leaves, which immediately attracts attention in any interior space. Originally from Southeast Asia, this plant is part of the Araceae family and is closely related to other exotic plants such as Philodendron and Anthurium.
Its leaves are elliptical in shape and have a prominent vein pattern, offering an interesting visual contrast.

Location: bright area, protected from the sun's rays. It can tolerate a less lit area quite well.
Watering: water when the substrate is dry. It is recommended to administer small amounts of water.
The substrate: well drained. It can be a combination of peat with perlite.
Temperature: 15 - 28 degrees Celsius
Fertilization: during the growing season, apply a balanced fertilizer diluted 1/2.
Humidity: ideal >60%
Pruning: remove damaged or yellowed leaves.

Note: Alocasia is a sensitive plant. Therefore, it is possible to receive these plants with some defects on the leaves, but these do not affect the viability of the plant.

Height with pots included approx. 30 cm

Specimens with 2-3 leaves.

The decorative bowl is not included in the price.