Alocasia brancifolia 'Pink Passion'

Alocasia brancifolia 'Pink Passion' - plants with defects

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Pot diameter: pot 14 cm

pot 14 cm
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Alocasia brancifolia 'Pink Passion' - new variety, with spectacular leaves that remind more of a Philodendron.

The leaves are glossy, textured, lobed, with prominent veins and come in unique color combinations - dark green, with areas showing hints of yellow and even blue.

The stem is covered with silver splash, with shades of pink. The leaves tend to arch, due to their large size.

Height with pots included: 40-50 cm

Note: Alocasia is a sensitive plant. Therefore, it is possible to receive these plants with some defects on the leaves, but these do not affect the viability of the plant and the new leaves will develop normally.
The decorative bowl is not included in the price.

The copies in stock have defective leaves!