Aliette 80 WG 20g - fungicid sistemic eficient, la cel mai bun pret

Aliette 80 WG - systemic fungicide

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Aliette 80 WG contains 80% Fosetil aluminum, which, shortly after application, is absorbed through the leaves or roots, resulting in the blocking of the development of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, as well as the production of new spores.
It has a high penetration capacity in plants (under 30 min), through leaves, flowers, roots and stands out for its exceptional mobility in the plant due to the complete ascending and descending distribution in approx. 1 hour after application.
Aliette has a very good preventive action, acting by inhibiting the germination of spores and by blocking the development of the mycelium in the plant and sporulation, it offers long-term protection to the plant, including new growth.
It has the unique property of stimulating the plants' self-defense systems and presents no risk of resistance due to the specific mode of action.
It successfully treats the following pathogens: Pseudoperonospora cubensis, Peronospora destructor, Erwinia amylovora, Pseudoperonospora humuli
Aliette is not compatible with dicofol and copper based products, nitrogen based foliar fertilizers and nutrient solutions.

Weight: 20 g

20 g