Aglaonema 'Jubilee Petit' D9
Aglaonema 'Jubilee Petit' D9

Aglaonema 'Jubilee Petit' D9

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Pot diameter: pot 9 cm

pot 9 cm
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Aglaonema is a popular indoor plant due to its beautiful leaves and relatively easy care.

Light: Aglaonema prefers moderate to low indirect light. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves.

Watering: Do not overwater! Allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Check the moisture by inserting your finger into the soil a few centimeters deep. If it feels dry, it's time to water.

Soil: Aglaonema needs well-drained soil that allows excess water to drain.

Temperature: Aglaonema prefers moderate temperatures between 18°C ​​and 25°C. Avoid exposing the plant to cold drafts or sudden temperature fluctuations.

Humidity: Although Aglaonema adapts to moderate indoor humidity levels, its leaves can benefit from increased humidity, especially during winter or dry weather.

Fertilization: Fertilize Aglaonema once a month during the growing season (spring and summer) with a liquid fertilizer diluted to half the recommended concentration.

Pruning: Pruning is not essential, but you can use it to remove damaged leaves or to control the size of the plant. Cut carefully with sterilized scissors.

Repotting: Repot Aglaonema when the roots outgrow the size of the pot. Choose a pot just a few inches larger than the previous pot.

Height with pots included approx. 25 cm