Euphorbia Monadenium mini

Euphorbia Monadenium (baby plant)

25,00 lei
Full description and specifications
Euphorbia is a very vigorous plant that requires minimal care. The plant stands out for its special appearance, being a truly spectacular cactus.
Height with pots included 10-15 cm
Pot diameter 6 cm
Careful! The plant is sold without flowers.
Euphorbia Lactea Cristata care instructions
Location: bright space, cooler in winter, sunny in summer
Humidity: in winter it is watered once a month, in summer once a week with a little water
Substrate: neutral Dutch peat or sand mixed with gravel
Propagation: by separating the young from the mother plant or seeds
Characteristics: Succulents and cacti do not overwater, too much water causes the plant to rot. The cacti that overwinter in the cold have a rest that gives them the opportunity to bloom profusely next year. To stimulate flowering, you can put special fertilizer for cacti in the warm season. Genus/Type: Cacti