Terarium glob cu o planta aeriena, pret atractiv

Globe terrarium with an aerial plant

60,00 lei
Full description and specifications

Terrarium composed of special glass globe with ventilation, an air plant, Tillandsia Air Plant and white decorative stones.
When making terrariums, we always use glass containers together with natural materials and healthy plants.
*Special orders can be made on request. Tillandsia Air Plant care instructions
For the Tillandsia air plant, clean air and ventilated rooms are very important, thus ensuring the health of the plant.
Tillandsia Air Plant needs a lot of humidity in the warm season. this means spraying almost daily and a lower humidity in the cold season - spraying 2-3 times a week.
It is essential that the water does not stagnate on the plant for more than 4 hours, otherwise there is a risk of diseases, rotting.

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