Paphiopedilum Gratrixianum

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Stage:: without flowers (pot 9 cm)

without flowers (pot 9 cm)
with flowers (pot 9 cm)
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The Paphiopedilum Gratrixianum orchid is native to Southeast Laos, North Vietnam where it grows on mountain ridges at altitudes between 900 and 1220 meters. It was described by the English botanist Robert Allen Rolfe in 1905.
Paphiopedilum grass blooms in autumn and early winter, on 25 cm long stems, with single flowers, with purple pubescent inflorescence, with a long-lasting flower stem.
Placement: Placed in semi-shade, ensuring good ventilation.
Optimum temperature: 15°-22° C. The night temperature should always be 3 ° C lower than the daily temperature.
Watering: frequent watering, requires constant humidity. The excess water must flow from the pot, because the stagnation of water both inside and in the plate can very quickly lead to rotting of the roots and the lower part of the plant. No water should remain in the leaves. Spraying is not recommended.
Humidity: 50-70% will be sufficient for the normal growth and development of the plant. However, at temperatures above 27 ° C, it is desirable to increase the air humidity to at least 70%, because too dry air affects the roots and leaves of the plant.
Flowering period: autumn and winter.
Flowering time: 3-4 weeks.
Height with pots included approx. 25 cm