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Philodendron Red Emerald (4 plants/pot)

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Pot diameter: pot 19 cm

pot 19 cm
Full description and specifications

Philodendron Red Emerald is a species of tropical plant with large, long and shiny leaves, with an intense green color. Its name "Red Emerald" comes from the colors of the young leaves, which can appear as an emerald red in certain light conditions. This plant is a climbing species that grows well in partial shade, preferring a well-drained and moist soil.

The plant is native to South America and is known for its fast growth and adaptability to a wide range of growing conditions. It is also popular in apartment culture due to its ability to filter the air and bring a touch of nature indoors.

Like other species of Philodendron, Red Emerald needs proper care to thrive, including regular watering, but without letting the water stagnate at the roots, and avoiding direct sunlight, which can burn the leaves. In addition, it benefits from periodic fertilization to support the growth and development of its vibrant leaves.

Height with pot included: +90 cm
Pot diameter: 19 cm