Crassula ovata copacel, arborele banilor de vanzare la cel mai bun pret!

Crassula Ovata tree 70 cm - Crassula Gollum

625,00 lei
Popularly known as the Jade Tree, Silver Dollar or Money Tree, Crassula is offered to bring luck and prosperity. This is a slow-growing, tree-like succulent plant with oval-shaped leaves, thick with fleshy stems (sometimes bordered with red), which accumulates water, which allows for less frequent watering.
Height: 70 cm
Pot diameter: 35 cm Crassula care instructions
Location: it loves light and sun
Humidity: water regularly, letting the soil dry between 2 waterings. Spring and autumn are watered once a week.
Substrate: rich and light substrate with good drainage
Propagation: by cuttings