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Bonsai liquid fertilizer 250ml NPK: 7-5-6

25,00 lei
Liquid fertilizer specially designed to provide the bonsai with all the nutrients necessary for proper development.
It can be used for watering by dilution in water, or for foliar spraying.
NPK: 7-5-6
N 7 (Nitrogen: growth and green color of foliage)
P 5 (Phosphorus: rooting and flowering)
K 6 (Potassium: flowering and fruiting)
*The price is for a bottle of liquid fertilizer 250 ml Instructions for using bonsai fertilizer:
For remarkable results on the plants, dissolve 5 ml of fertilizer in a liter of water once every two weeks.
The bonsai is placed in a place as bright as possible but protected from direct sunlight. Avoid drafts and sudden temperature changes. Watering is done after the soil surface has dried slightly. It can be done in two ways depending on the size of the plant:
1. For small and medium-sized plants, immerse the pot up to the level of the stem in water for approximately 4-5 minutes. after which the leaves are also sprayed. Stagnant or ideally rain or pay water will be used.
2. For relatively large plants, the soil is abundantly watered, after which the leaves are sprayed, also using still or flat water. Genre/Type: Plant treatments