Araucaria Cunninghamii - bonsai de interior (Hoop Pine), pret online imbatabil
Araucaria Cunninghamii - bonsai de interior (Hoop Pine), pret online imbatabil

Bonsai Araucaria Cunninghamii - indoor bonsai (Hoop Pine)

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Araucaria Cunninghamii is an indoor conifer bonsai. The needles are emerald-green or blue-green.
Araucaria Cunninghamii is named after botanist and explorer Allan Cunningham. The species is found in the tropical forests of eastern Australia and New Guinea. The trees can live up to 450 years and grow up to 60 meters tall.
Bonsai need special attention and care in order to develop harmoniously, primarily because, in essence, bonsai are trees "constrained" to live in a pot. Since the amount of soil in which a bonsai must live is limited, it is necessary to check the frequency with which the tree must be watered.
Height with pots included 30-35 cm
Pot diameter 16 cm The term bonsai has two meanings. On the one hand, it refers to dwarf trees planted in pots, and on the other, it defines the art of cultivating and caring for these trees.
Araucaria cunninghamii is a species of Araucaria also known as Moreton Bay Pine, or Hoop Pine (confusing name, it is not a pine), Colonial Pine, Richmond River, Queensland Pine, Alloa, Ningwik or Pien.
Bonsai care instructions
Location: Bright place, protected from strong sun. In the warm season, you can sit outside or on the terraces. Do not place near heat sources.
Watering: Water every 3-4 days - depending on the ambient temperature and location
Features: Robust bonsai, very easy to care for. The crown can be easily trimmed to obtain the desired shape.
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