Plante aeriane Tillandsia Ionantha de vanzare - pret online imbatabil!

Air plants Tillandsia Ionantha Green

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Tillandia Ionantha is one of the most common species in the Tillandsia family. Due to its small and compact form, this plant is very easy to use in floral arrangements and bouquets. Tillandia Ionantha requires very little care compared to other Tillandsia species, making it an easy plant to maintain.
There are many types of Ionantha and they are mostly native to Central and South America. Some examples of different types of Ionanthas are: Ionantha Fuego (Fire), Ionantha Scaposa, Ionantha Rubra.
The most important conditions for tillandsia airplant to survive are: to have light but not direct sun and good air and water circulation.
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