Euphorbia - Steaua Craciunului
Euphorbia - Steaua Craciunului

Red Euphorbia - Mini Christmas Star

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Euphorbia/poinsettia is the plant that delights our eyes every winter season, heralding the coming of Christmas.
The poinsettia was cultivated by the Aztecs in the humid mountainous regions of Mexico. They used to use this plant to fight fever. Later, in the century 17, the Franciscans used flowers in various religious ceremonies. Its cultivation and popularization began in the 60s, and in a short time the plant became indispensable in Christmas decorations.
Plant height 13 cm
Pot diameter 9 cm Poinsettia - Euphorbia care instructions
Placement: bright but shaded place, protected from drafts
Moisture: it is watered when the soil has dried on the surface
Substrate: neutral peat or a loose mixture
Propagation: in May, through stem segments containing two to three nodes, rooted in peat
Characteristics: Starting with November, the leaves of this plant turn red, starting from the tip towards the base. The poinsettia must be protected from drafts and excessive watering. In the month of May, the shoots are pinched, on which occasion we multiply, in the winter the new shoots form the colored bracts the fastest. It is a fast-growing shrub, appreciated for its bushy and brightly colored crown. Genre/Type: Potted plants