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Yucca elephantipes 'Elmila' - Mayan tree (tree of life)

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Originally from Central America (Mexico and Guatemala), Yucca was used by the Mayan population 2000 years ago as medicine and food. The Indians consider it the most beautiful shrub of the deserts, have idolized it for centuries and even gave it the name "tree of life" due to its miraculous effects.
It has become very popular as an indoor plant since the 60s. The leaves are arranged in the form of bunches like palm trees, and the stem is covered with traces of fallen leaves and resembles an elephant's leg.
Yucca will also survive in darker rooms, but it will require attention to make up for the lack of light.
Plant height 90 cm
Barrel diameter 17 cm
Yucca care instructions
Location: bright but shaded place
Humidity: water when the soil has dried well on the surface, spray.
Substrate: neutral Dutch peat or a very loose mixture
Propagation: by stem fragments placed directly in water
Characteristics: The plant has a relatively heavy growth. Excess water leads to stem rot.