Croton Codiaeum Petra D17

35,00 lei

Croton (Codiaeum) Petra stands out for its spectacularly tinted leaves in hues of burgundy, red-rust, green and orange.
Croton care instructions
Placement: Croton is placed in bright areas but not in direct sunlight, away from drafts and large temperature variations
Humidity: Croton is a plant that loves humidity - it is constantly watered, depending on the ambient temperature, and it is sprayed once a week. Do not let the soil dry out too much between waterings.
Substrate: Standard flower soil, also available in our store.
Characteristics: Croton produces small white flowers, eclipsed by the bright colors of the leaves. For a harmonious development, fertilizer can be administered once a week from spring to autumn.
Height with pot included approx. 45-50 cm

Pot diameter: pot 17 cm

pot 17 cm