Palm Cycas Revoluta

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Popularly known as the sago palm tree or the Japanese sago tree, Cycas is a very interesting plant, appreciated all over the world.
Cycas is a palm tree that adapts very well to bright office spaces.
Today there are around 10 species of cycads. The best known is Cycas revoluta or the Japanese sago tree, although it does not belong to the category of palm trees. Its unique shape and texture make it a very sought-after plant both for landscape art (where the climate conditions allow it) and especially as an indoor plant.
The Japanese sago tree (cycas revoluta) has a very symmetrical appearance; the crown has dark green leaves, and the trunk has a broad appearance and can reach 25-30 m in height. The plant grows hard, reaching its maximum height in almost 50 years. As it develops, ramifications of the thick trunk may appear, which makes it more interesting and attractive. Also, the Japanese sago tree produces leaves at the base of the root that over time form a ball around the stem.
Cycas care instructions
Location: bright place, possibly a few hours of sun a day
Humidity: it reserves water in the stem, that's why it is watered a little, when the soil is dry
Substrate: neutral peat + coarse sand
Propagation: by seeds or cuttings
Characteristics: It grows hard and as it develops new leaves, the mature ones at the base turn yellow and are cut. It is an exotic long-lived plant, provided it does not have excess moisture.

Height with pot included 40 cm
Pot diameter: 12 cm