Ficus Benjamina Twilight sau Smochinul plangator

Ficus Benjamina Twilight H150 cm

255,00 lei
Ficus Benjamina is a decorative indoor plant with leaves, very easy to maintain. It needs constant humidity in the atmosphere to maintain its pleasant appearance.
Height with pots included 140-150 cm
Pot diameter 22-27 cm Ficus Benjamina care instructions
Placement: bright but shaded place, protected from drafts
Moisture: water moderately, spray
Substrate: neutral Dutch peat or a very loose mixture
Propagation: in the spring by semilimified cuttings
Characteristics: the spring or autumn cuttings have the role of branching the plant. The ficus benjamina with white tinged leaves is more sensitive to air currents and sudden changes in temperature. In the warm season, liquid fertilizer is applied every two weeks.