Gloxinia - Sinningia speciosa
Gloxinia - Sinningia speciosa

Gloxinia - Sinningia speciosa

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Full description and specifications
Gloxinia (Sinningia speciosa) is a very popular houseplant. The large, bell-shaped flowers tower above the silky leaves of this bulbous plant, native to Brazil and related to the African violet.
*The displayed price is for 1 potted plant. A variety/color of gloxinia from the available mix will be sent at random. Gloxinia needs water, but will never tolerate water on the leaves or the flower crown. Give the plant the moisture it needs by placing a saucer full of water under the pot.
This plant is available in shades of purple, red and white. Please specify the desired color when confirming the order.
Gloxinia care instructions
Location: bright but shaded place, airy but protected from drafts
Moisture: moderately wet under the leaves
Substrate: neutral Dutch peat or a very loose mixture
Propagation: through leaves cut in half and rooted directly in peat
Characteristics: in autumn the plant shows signs of fatigue; the leaves become soft and must be removed, the plant goes dormant. Do not water for 3-4 months, put the pot in a cool place but without danger of frost. Starting from February, it is watered little by little until new leaves appear.