Minirose, Trandafiri pitici
Minirose, Trandafiri pitici

Dwarf roses in pots D14 (4-5 plants/pot)

29,00 lei

Stage:: with red flowers (pot 14 cm)

with red flowers (pot 14 cm)
with yellow flowers (pot 14 cm)
with coral-pink flowers (pot 14 cm)
with pink flowers (pot 14 cm)
Full description and specifications

Dwarf roses are small-scale versions of regular roses, and although they vary in many ways, they all have small, sometimes fragrant flowers. They originate in China, from the Chinese rose (Rosa chinensis minima).
Dwarf roses are naturally hardy in the garden all year round - they are easy-care perennials and almost always in flower. In height, the plants vary from 13 cm or less, up to 0.9 - 1.2 meters.
Also, dwarf roses adapt very well as houseplants, but unlike other indoor plants, roses need strong light.
Care instructions Roses
Location: if you keep it indoors it needs a large pot and a bright, airy space with a lower temperature in winter. Planted outside it will grow well in a sunny place.
Moisture: constantly wet
Substrate: Dutch peat or garden soil
Propagation: by cuttings
Characteristics: after each flowering, prune all the tips to encourage sprouting and bud formation. If you keep them in pots, you must give them fertilizer throughout the warm period. If you planted them in the garden, you must prepare them for the winter in autumn. Cut all the stems short and mulch the soil around them.

Height with pots included 25 cm