Gymnocalycium mix - Cactusi altoiti colorati, pret atractiv, livrare rapida

Gymnocalycium mix - Colorful grafted cacti (Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Japan)

29,00 lei

Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Japan is a species of hybrid cacti, particularly decorative due to its bright colors, which bloom periodically. They can be found in shades of bright red, pink, orange and yellow.

Cacti care instructions
Location: bright space, cooler in winter, sunny in summer
Humidity: in winter it is watered once a month, in summer once a week with a little water
Substrate: neutral Dutch peat or sand mixed with gravel
Propagation: by separating the young from the mother plant or seeds
Characteristics: Succulents and cacti do not overwater, too much water causes the plant to rot. The cacti that overwinter in the cold have a rest that gives them the opportunity to bloom profusely next year. To stimulate flowering, you can put special fertilizer for cacti in the warm season.

Height with pots included: approx. 15-20 c

The displayed price is for 1 plant. The picture is informative, cacti can have different shapes.

Color: red (pot 8 cm)

red (pot 8 cm)
yellow (pot 8 cm)
green-white (pot 8 cm)
pink (pot 8 cm)