Violete Chimera
Violete Chimera

Violet Chimera

20,00 lei
Chimera violets or elegant violets - they are very special violets, appreciated by connoisseurs due to the particularly decorative appearance of the flowers.
*The displayed price is per piece.
Height with pots included: 15-20 cm
Pot diameter 10-12 cm Chimera violet care instructions
Location: Bright but shaded place, without direct afternoon sunlight
Watering: Twice a week, about 150 ml of water. Water lightly on top without sprinkling the leaves or in the plate.
Substrate: Neutral peat or loose soil. Do not use pots with a diameter larger than 10-12 cm
Propagation: By separating the plant in 2 or replanting the leaves
Characteristics: Can bloom all year round. For abundant flowering, fertilization is recommended every 10 days. The substrate can be replaced immediately after purchase and then every 2 years.